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posed nude for an art class today. they didn’t ask me to. i think they were making ceramic bowls.

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“I am not the poet of goodness only, I do not decline to be the     poet of wickedness also.” - Walt Whitman

I am not the poet of goodness only, I do not decline to be the
     poet of wickedness also.” - Walt Whitman

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14. Feeding Each Other

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  1. Watch a movie together
  2. Pocky game
  3. A gift
  4. Cuddles
  5. To get carried bridal style
  6. Wear matching outfits
  7. A date
  8. A Love letter/ confession
  9. Hidden notes
  10. Receive Homemade chocolate
  11. A song
  12. Flowers
  13. Play a game together (video games, board games,etc.)
  14. Feeding each other
  15. Wedding scenario
  16. Taking a nap together
  17. A dance
  18. A Kiss

What will you muse get from mine~?

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(never ever regret)

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( i regret a lot of things i draw )

( i regret a lot of things i draw )

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#266 - Silcoon

Apparently Silcoon’s and Cascoon’s spike things are not a consistent feature, and they’re just a representation of how it attaches itself between tree branches. That makes sense, but it’s also kind of disappointing, because it would be fitting for evolutions of Wurmple to retain some actual spikes.

What else can be said about a Pokémon that usually only exists for three levels? It’s kind of pretty, I guess.

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  1. Some candy
  2. A kiss on the cheek
  3. A hug
  4. A pie in the face
  5. Mouth-to-Mouth candy
  6. A jump scare
  7. A halloween date night out
  8. Scary movie night
  9. A kiss on the lips
  10. Your muse gets pantsed
  11. Your muse pantses mine
  12. Tickle fight
  13. Passionate kiss on the lips
  14. Bite mark
  15. Mun decides!
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Erotic backs, alright


Erotic backs, alright

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